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This past week we had a very unusual case outside the norm for our firm, but we can see the need and will institute as part of our future service offerings. I was contacted by a concerned parent (Rosemarie-client) in California who had not heard from her daughter (Camilla-subject) in the last few months and wanted me to “put eyes on” and see if in fact she was okay and not in any kind of trouble or danger. Evidently Camilla had no phone and has been very non-communicative with not just her family but people in general and lives a very isolated existence. Myself being a parent/grandparent and I too have experienced many of the emotional “highs and lows” that parenthood can bring us. I immediately identified with my client, Rosemarie, and the emotional roller coaster that she was experiencing. The Investigation in itself was not unlike most assignments, which was a “Surveillance” to observe the subject (Camilla) from a distance and confirm that she was not under any kind of duress. Our client was quite emphatic that if Camilla ever suspected we were called in to check on her that it would most likely violate her relationship with her mother. Like any concerned parent, I could only imagine how emotionally disconcerting this was for Rosemarie, my client.

Now Camilla was approximately 3½ to 4 hours from our offices so I was preparing for certainly a very long day. I decided to bring one of my daughters along with me who like her twin sister has worked in the Family Investigations businesses over the years and is very familiar with how I work Cases in general and various techniques we use in the field. I thought having my daughter along might soften this unexpected visit to Camilla when we met and greeted her. So right now you’re asking yourself, “I thought you just said in the first paragraph of this Blog that you were going to just “observe” Camilla and report back to our client Rosemarie?” Well it’s amazing how creative you can become when you have 3½ hours to come up with several DIFFERENT APPROACHES! Just showing up on Camilla’s doorstep would absolutely not work and we wanted to give the client more than some pictures and general observations, so we devised a story that the client agreed to and that would gain us access by saying we were an old family acquaintance of Rosemarie’s. So the long and short of it is we were uncomfortably invited into Camilla’s home which in essence was a one room shack which she hardly ever left other than to get food. Without going into all of the specifics, the conversation with Camilla was a very moving experience for the three of us with tears and laughter being shared by all. Our visit was also very timely because there was no question that Camilla was in need of her family and Mental Health support. Had we not gone there as we did the outcome, may have developed into something much worse and very problematic. With the information we learned from this encounter and our professional observations and intuition, our client will be able to take action on her daughter’s behalf.

Because it was such a long journey back, my daughter and I had a lot to discuss regarding providing this service for future clients and we realized that there is a multitude of scenarios where this service could be of value and still utilized by using our Investigations Business model. The point being what started out as a Surveillance on an individual for “Welfare and Life/Safety purposes” really turned into something significant and much more meaningful. Had we not gotten there when the client requested our services, the circumstances could have become quite dire and possibly without a positive outcome. What I am sure of is we have a grateful client and we have just added a new service offering to our future clients as well by keeping our customers, family members, employees and friend’s safe. So whether the request is to check on a possible abuse of an elderly family member at an Assisted Living Facility, an abusive or destructive relationship or a child that maybe living in an unsafe environment these are all considered Welfare or Life Safety Checks that CSI Secure Solutions will now be offering to our customers.

By the way while writing this Blog I just heard from our client Rosemarie and she is flying into visit with Camilla and hopefully she will be able to convince her daughter Camilla to return home and give her the love and support that she desperately needs. Here at CSI Secure Solutions we love the work that we do especially when we have the ability to impact lives in such a positive way. So if you have someone in your life or you know someone who may need a WELFARE and/or a  LIFE SAFETY CHECK please contact us today and see how we can help your loved one today!

Chris Cavallo




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