Abduction and Recovery in Child Custody Cases

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Welfare and Safety of an Abducted Child

It has become an International crisis, that some people men or women have cultivated the habit of abducting other people’s children as their own. It is a daily battle to help the abducted child get back to their home and reunited with their family. However, it is also emotionally devastating when you get to know that another parent who has no custodial rights is keeping your child from you. How to get back your child is the next thing that comes to your mind, and the next action to take is to contact an experienced private investigator. Unfortunately when you contact law enforcement agencies they cannot offer you the services that you will get from a private investigator concerning child abduction, so they don’t see it as a crime as opposed to a civil action.

In order for these child abduction cases to be resolved there are many times that there is the need for Private Investigators to take drastic steps. Private Investigators are asked to assist the family lawyer of the abducted child in carrying out a plan of action on how the child will be legally returned to the parents. Understandably, it is a tough period for both the missing child and the parent when they are not together knowing that they are looking for each other. The private Investigators provide compassionate and attentive investigative steps to help minimize the anxiety of meeting your child most especially if your child has been taken across state lines or out of the country. The moment you notice that your child has been taken across state lines these experienced Private Investigators will relentlessly pursue your child’s return.

Interstate Abduction

Stiff and rigid laws are in places that prevent abduction by parents and to avoid the delaying and return of the child. The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) has succeeded in establishing a uniform criteria for determining jurisdiction and enforce pick up orders so the child can be returned to their home state. This Law also requires the state to assist in the safe return in where the abducting parent has taken the child.

Another law is the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA), which assists in curbing illegal child abduction and also provides the federal enforcement agency’s to ensure state action as well. Also this Law respects the custody and relocation decisions of other countries, although the PKPA requires the court to enforce laws rather than to modify custody and visitation orders of other nations.

International Child Abduction

The cultural and international marriages that lead a relationship to the birth of a child are on the rise. Occasionally when marriages end up in divorce or relationship breakup, it ignites that international relocation and abduction by a parent. Different international child abductions are treated and governed by The Hague Abduction Convention that was made to protect children internationally from the harmful effects, forceful removal and kidnapping just to set up a legal procedure to ensure their prompt return to their real homes and empower the protection and parental access to the child.

The essence of this article is to express the emotional pain and distress when a child goes missing, what it takes for a parent to locate an abducted child and how the Human rights activists can help in making a child gets back home and reunited with his/her, parents.

CSI-Secure Solutions is ready to assist you any point in time you encounter issues with child abduction cases and that is why we still have the best Team of Professional’s when it comes to providing private investigator services for Child Custody issues.


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