Penetration Testing a Must to Keep Cyber Criminal’s off Your Doorstep

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The first time I heard the term “Penetration Testing” I was just entering the Security Industry some 40 yrs ago and it was referring to the attempted breach of the “perimeter and Infrastructure” of a Government Facility under our company’s protection. We had Security Officers in various locations strategically placed inside and around the Facility with our pre-arranged “Two Bandits” attempting to gain access. In todays Security Landscape the words “Perimeter and infrastructure” has expanded to the internal operating systems of the organization.Today on a global scale we are experiencing daily security breaches within the IT infrastructure of all organizations and the term Penetration Testing has become critically important. Did you know that Cyber Crimes this past year in the USA has cost our country in excess of 455 Billion Dollars? This translates to the loss of over 200,00 jobs and rarely do these cyber thieves get caught. So the question we need to ask is, “What can we do as an organization to prevent our information from being exposed and our clients’ data being compromised?” It does not matter if you are a small, medium or large business; it is imperative that you conduct “Penetration Testing” on your internal operating systems. No organization regardless of size is immune and more than likely Cyber Thieves at some time will attempt to penetrate and seize your company’s and clients’ proprietary information. Do not wait for the likely and inevitable experience as I have described. Engage in a series of Penetration Testing on a quarterly basis to ensure the protection of your company’s proprietary information and “Bottom Line” !

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